Adding the beer labels to the UI

Sorry for the lack of frequent updates recently.  Work got a bit crazy last week and I’m on-call this week so I haven’t had as much time for coding on the side. This evening, though, I was able to add basic support for displaying beer labels in the UI.  You can view that commit here. […]

Kegerator coding started

I’ve started on the coding for the internet-enabled kegerator.  It’s just basic UI stuff, as I’ve never really done a UI before apart from a tiny bit of web stuff.  It’s up on github here.  The next step will be hooking up an arduino and the flow sensor so that I can test that this […]

Turret V2: Automated artillery

I made a small turret last year when I was living in an apartment.  I now have a house, so I’m thinking a bit bigger.  If I can find a place to test some model rockets, I’m going to try building a turret that holds a battery of model rockets.  It’ll have a Raspberry Pi […]

Internet-enabled kegerator

In addition to making gadgets, I also brew and drink beer.  In order to help with this, I have a kegerator.  However, it isn’t all that fancy.  It doesn’t have any flashing lights or buttons, just two tap handles.  In order to make it a bit more interesting, I’m going to add an LCD screen […]