Kegerator: Added basic access control

I’ve added basic access control to the kegerator.  When it reads a tag, it now sends the code to the computer, so that permissions can be checked.  If the code has permission to get beer, it unlocks the taps.  If it doesn’t, it doesn’t unlock the taps.  Right now it’s just checking a binary flag, […]

Kegerator: Static webpage creator

I’ve added a script that pulls the drinker information from DynamoDB and puts it into a basic table for people to view.  There’s going to be more complexity added (detail pages for users showing the different drinks they’ve consumed, and that sort of thing), but this is a start.  The webpage is currently up here, […]

Kegerator: Integration with DynamoDB

This afternoon I wrote the code that listens to the serial output from the Arduino and puts the necessary data into DynamoDB.  I’ve successfully tested it with the flow sensors and it works!  This is a bit exciting, as it’s the first time I’ve managed to have a direct connection between a physical device and […]

Arduino code: RFID reader and valve control

I’ve written the Arduino code that reads an RFID tag and triggers solenoid valves that will be in the beer lines.  I’ve prototyped the circuits and they all work, but I don’t have them all nicely diagrammed and cleanly constructed.  Once I redraw them for a single board I’ll post more details. The most recent […]