DED: Donut Email Dongle (part 2)

(Part 1 is available here, which includes the background of the project, the code being used, and links to the necessary components.) I haven’t made any meaningful changes to the code, but I finally got around to putting the USB hub DED together. I wasn’t able to get the switches for the ports working as […]

DED: Donut Email Dongle (part 1)

(Part 2, with the process of packaging this in a covert fashion, is available here.) Background In many offices (my own included), leaving your computer unlocked when you aren’t using it is heavily frowned upon for obvious security reasons. Responses vary from place to place (there are good posts on this by Troy Hunt and […]

DIY GORUCK shooter ruck panel

Background GORUCK recently held a pre-order for the “Shooter Ruck”, a GR1/GR2 with a velcro-lined interior to allow secure carrying of cameras and firearms.  I missed out on the pre-order, as I went to place an order the day after it ended, and I didn’t particularly want to spend $200+ on what would be my […]

Random notes about AWS CodeDeploy

I’ve been playing around a bit with AWS CodeDeploy recently and found the documentation to be a bit lacking in places.  Here’s what I’ve found so far that took a bit of digging to find, or that isn’t what I expected the behavior to be.  It’s only four things right now, but if I find […]

More turret info

I received some questions about the turret.  I figured I’d answer them here in case anyone else wants the info. How is it mounted so that it can spin without the wires getting tangled? There’s a large gear underneath the center of the bottom of the base, fixed so that it doesn’t rotate. A motor […]