Obligatory Disclaimers

We may post about activities or objects that are age-restricted in certain regions, or that are just dangerous in general.  We have actual training on how to safely handle weaponry, how to safely brew alcohol, how to safely deal with security-related software, and most of the other things we discuss on here.  (And, if anything does go wrong, we have pretty good health/life insurance.)  If you don’t, don’t try them.  There’s a real possibility of injury if some of these are done incorrectly, and if you have any doubts whatsoever about your ability to do something safely, don’t do it.

Also, links from this blog to shopping sites (e.g., amazon.com) may be affiliate links that will give us small pittances if you follow them and buy stuff.  This is just because, well, why not.  Even if referral fees weren’t a thing, we’d be linking to stuff in order to help readers reproduce and expand upon our projects, so we may as well attempt to defray some of the costs associated with building and/or destroying cool stuff.  Hopefully needless to say, but we aren’t writing posts based on what products we can link and we aren’t paid by anyone to write posts; our integrity is worth way more than the $82.27 (as of when this was written) that this blog has made over its lifetime in referral fees.