More turret info

I received some questions about the turret.  I figured I’d answer them here in case anyone else wants the info. How is it mounted so that it can spin without the wires getting tangled? There’s a large gear underneath the center of the bottom of the base, fixed so that it doesn’t rotate. A motor […]

DevUtils: random scripts and stuff I use

I’ve set up a package of various tools I use, as well as my .emacs and .bashrc files.  Mainly this is so I can easily access them on other computers, but perhaps other people will find them useful.  In addition to the bash and emacs profiles, this includes kilda (which gets rid of the emacs […]

JGPX: Javascript GPX viewer

I’ve recently been lamenting the lack of a good tool for viewing time-series GPS data.  I couldn’t find a nice way to, for example, compare a series of runs, or show a series of events on a map.  So, I’ve started writing a library to do that.  Currently it’s very basic, but as there’s more […]

Kegerator: Added basic access control

I’ve added basic access control to the kegerator.  When it reads a tag, it now sends the code to the computer, so that permissions can be checked.  If the code has permission to get beer, it unlocks the taps.  If it doesn’t, it doesn’t unlock the taps.  Right now it’s just checking a binary flag, […]

Kegerator: Static webpage creator

I’ve added a script that pulls the drinker information from DynamoDB and puts it into a basic table for people to view.  There’s going to be more complexity added (detail pages for users showing the different drinks they’ve consumed, and that sort of thing), but this is a start.  The webpage is currently up here, […]